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interTrend has been in the news. Above, an article on Imprint Venture Lab in the Los Angeles Business Journal. Below, video of our own Julia Huang on ETTV’s MD Talk.

And then there was the Long Beach Post’s recap of our announcing Jeffrey Ng as our new Executive Creative Director


Please let us know about other sightings!

Take Your Shot


Take Your Shot, interTrend’s latest online collaboration with AT&T, is off and running and involves three aspiring filmmakers who are being mentored by some of the best in the biz: Wong Fu Productions, Jon M. Chu, and Freddie Wong. The office was shown some of the behind-the-scenes interviews and interaction on Tuesday, and this should be a fun process to follow.

Fans of Wong Fu, Chu, and Wong can not only keep up with the progress of the new shorts online at but also have a hand in important details, such as which set should receive free boba during the shooting. We hope friends of interTrend will enjoy, interact, and share!

Levi Maestro and jeffstaple at the Art Theatre


This afternoon, Imprint Culture Lab presented a conversation with Levi Maestro at the Art Theatre in Long Beach. Moderated by Imprint’s own jeffstaple and speaking to an intimate crowd of 100, Levi described how he came to realize the dream of making an influential online video show about the culture that he loves.


While the Arizona transplant’s story is couched in the new media and streetwear trends of Los Angeles, its themes are quite traditional: staying focused, making sacrifices, believing in one’s self.


Following the talk, Levi and jeffstaple stuck around to speak to provide a unique mentorship clinic for five attendees. Very cool.

levi3For more engagements and opportunities, follow Imprint at

Away We Happened at the Effies


Congratulations to the team of interTrend Communications, Rezonate Media, and AT&T for winning an Effie Award for effective marketing! Last night, the Away We Happened crew accepted the prestigious award at Cipriani’s 42nd Street.

Late-comers can catch up with the innovative (and emotional) campaign at You might laugh and you might cry, but you’ll definitely be impressed by the collaboration with Wong Fu Productions, Jen Frmheadtotoe, Victor Kim, and their massive fanbase.


Extra coverage at Medio Bistro and the Long Beach Business Journal!

Julia Huang defends Asian Americans vs. Pew Research on The Huffington Post


Since interTrend’s Julia Huang criticized the recent Pew report on social media’s exclusion of Asian Americans, the Washington DC think tank has responded by stating that it’s just too much work to include such a small group in their research. Julia’s response was posted on The Huffington Post this afternoon:  “Pew’s response has only highlighted the glaring problem that for 20 years Asians have been regularly excluded from all of their research studies, not just this latest one on digital aptitude.”

For her full argument, check out the link at Huff Post.

Julia Huang’s critique of the Pew study on social media on Fox News Live – VIDEO

Julia on Fox News Live 3.28

To supplement Julia Huang’s opinion piece that ran on the Fox News website yesterday, Fox News Live aired a live interview with her this morning. In the video, she breaks down why the omission of Asian Americans in the Pew report on social media is a major flaw and also provides possible reasons why they were left out.

Watch the conversation in its entirety HERE.

Julia Huang explains why the new Pew report blew it by excluding Asian Americans


An editorial by interTrend’s own Julia Huang can be read on the Fox News site today. In the piece, she picks apart this month’s Pew report, “The State of Social Media Users,” which compares segments of the American population’s usage of social media yet neglects Asian Americans. “Why would Pew publish a comparison of social media users that doesn’t track Asian-Americans?” she asks. “Perhaps it might be that Asians’ social media habits score so high against other races that it might not be an interesting or alarming comparison.”

Read Julia’s full take HERE and then share with like-minded friends, family, and colleagues.

To Be Continuing: Lee Min-ho, Wong Fu Productions

The success of interTrend’s K-drama-inspired The One & Only web series for Toyota has not only spawned an equally beloved epilogue but also some Pandora playlists selected by the main characters played by Lee Min-ho. Does the good guy, Joon, listen to Girls Generation or PSY? Does the evil twin, Kwon, prefer Slayer? Find out tomorrow (Wednesday, November 28) when the songs are posted on the site.

interTrend is also following up on its smash collaborative effort with Wong Fu Productions, Away We Happened, with a second interactive drama series. This one is called When It Counts and invites the audience to help the protagonist make choices, assist Wong Fu in production decisions, and affect the fate of a dance crew. The second episode posts on Friday, November 30, so this is a perfect time to catch up.

interTrend in the Los Angeles Times

Nice interTrend coverage in today’s Los Angeles Times. Read all about it here.

Away We Happened: 8 million viewers and counting

“Away We Happened,” interTrend’s six-week collaboration with AT&T, Wong Fu Productions, and thousands of online contributors, wrapped up last week and has racked up more than 8 million viewers. Check out today’s coverage at, which reports the already dated figure of 6 million viewers but shares details regarding the strategy, logistics, and work that went into the project. Better yet, watch the preview (and then the web series starring Victor Kim and Jen Frmheadtotoe in its entirety) on YouTube. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you might even want to revisit your cell phone plan.