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Twentienth Anniversary Tenugui (1 of 2)

The pieces have come together for interTrend’s twentieth anniversary tenugui project. The patterns and images were provided by some of our favorite artists and designers, and I took photos when I was able to hand-deliver samples and sets to them. Above: Miran Kim, Monkmus, Sophia Chang. Below: Qingnian Tang, Stella Lai.

The final picture shows how they’re being packaged. Perhaps I’ll show the interior of the wrapping paper in a future post, after I receive photos from the other five contributors (Allister Lee, Deth P. Sun, jeffstaple, Prodip Leung, Susie Ghahremani). In the meantime, look for the pieces to leak out to friends, family, clients, and crew…

Tenugui project preview

To commemorate 20 years of evolution and achievement, interTrend has curated a special collection of 10 tenugui-inspired handkerchiefs. The traditional Japanese cloths serve numerous functions (bandanas, wipes, kendo) but are also used as decoration, made as souvenirs, and given as gifts.

About six months ago, we invited some of our favorite contributors, colleagues, and just plain cool artists to join our project, which was intended to match the vintage form with an open-ended theme involving East meets West, old meets new, and the evolution of culture.

Last week, we received samples from our printer. They look amazing (colors are a little off in the pic), and we can’t wait to share the pieces with our family and friends.

The artists, to whom we are very grateful, include (top row) Allister Lee, Qingniang Tang, jeffstaple, Stella Lai, (middle row) Miran Kim, Monkmus, Prodip Leung, Sophia Chang, (bottom row) Deth P. Sun, and Susie Ghahremani.