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Take Your Shot


Take Your Shot, interTrend’s latest online collaboration with AT&T, is off and running and involves three aspiring filmmakers who are being mentored by some of the best in the biz: Wong Fu Productions, Jon M. Chu, and Freddie Wong. The office was shown some of the behind-the-scenes interviews and interaction on Tuesday, and this should be a fun process to follow.

Fans of Wong Fu, Chu, and Wong can not only keep up with the progress of the new shorts online at but also have a hand in important details, such as which set should receive free boba during the shooting. We hope friends of interTrend will enjoy, interact, and share!

Julia Huang defends Asian Americans vs. Pew Research on The Huffington Post


Since interTrend’s Julia Huang criticized the recent Pew report on social media’s exclusion of Asian Americans, the Washington DC think tank has responded by stating that it’s just too much work to include such a small group in their research. Julia’s response was posted on The Huffington Post this afternoon:  “Pew’s response has only highlighted the glaring problem that for 20 years Asians have been regularly excluded from all of their research studies, not just this latest one on digital aptitude.”

For her full argument, check out the link at Huff Post.

Julia Huang explains why the new Pew report blew it by excluding Asian Americans


An editorial by interTrend’s own Julia Huang can be read on the Fox News site today. In the piece, she picks apart this month’s Pew report, “The State of Social Media Users,” which compares segments of the American population’s usage of social media yet neglects Asian Americans. “Why would Pew publish a comparison of social media users that doesn’t track Asian-Americans?” she asks. “Perhaps it might be that Asians’ social media habits score so high against other races that it might not be an interesting or alarming comparison.”

Read Julia’s full take HERE and then share with like-minded friends, family, and colleagues.

HyunA, Lee Minho, and us

interTrend updates!


Earlier this month in conjunction with Toyota Corolla, the reigning queen of K-pop HyunA released a single called “My Color.” Check it the site at and the video on YouTube.


Also this month, Lee Minho joined fans at a meet-and-greet at the Park Plaza Hotel to celebrate the fabulously successful One & Only web series and campaign for the Toyota Camry.


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Twentieth Anniversary Tenugui (2 of 2)

Have you received your interTrend twentieth anniversary tenugui yet? To commemorate 20 years of evolution and achievement, the agency has created a special collection of 10 tengui-inspired handkerchiefs. Having previously blogged photos of five artists and their contributions, I finally rounded up images of the remaining participants with their pieces. Above: Deth P. Sun at the L.A. Art Book Fair and Susie Ghahremani in her San Diego backyard.

Above: Allister Lee in his Toronto studio and jeffstaple somewhere around the world in front of his laptop. Below: Prodip Leung in his Hong Kong home studio. The final image shows the inside of the tenugui wrapping, which includes a brief manifesto and short biographies of artists, including the five contributors previously blogged: Sophia Chang, Miran Kim, Stella Lai, Monkmus, and Qingnian Tang.

The traditional Japanese cloths serve numerous functions (bandanas, wipes, kendo) but are also used as decoration, made as souvenirs, and given as gifts–as in this case. I hope one works its way toward you.

Twentienth Anniversary Tenugui (1 of 2)

The pieces have come together for interTrend’s twentieth anniversary tenugui project. The patterns and images were provided by some of our favorite artists and designers, and I took photos when I was able to hand-deliver samples and sets to them. Above: Miran Kim, Monkmus, Sophia Chang. Below: Qingnian Tang, Stella Lai.

The final picture shows how they’re being packaged. Perhaps I’ll show the interior of the wrapping paper in a future post, after I receive photos from the other five contributors (Allister Lee, Deth P. Sun, jeffstaple, Prodip Leung, Susie Ghahremani). In the meantime, look for the pieces to leak out to friends, family, clients, and crew…

3 Idiots, Big in Bollywood, State of Uncertainty

interTrend’s crowd-pleasing, Bollywood-rooted new campaign for State Farm has launched and movie fans will immediately recognize its star. Omi Vaidya is the American actor who was thrust into fame for his cameo in Aamir Khan’s box-office smash 3 Idiots (2009). Vaidya’s unlikely ascent into the Southeast Asian spotlight was documented by friends in Big in Bollywood (2011).

You can purchase the 3 Idiots DVD at just about any Indian grocery store (or movie supplier with a decent international selection) and I’m pretty sure Big in Bollywood is still doing the film festival circuit (that’s where I saw it). As for the State Farm spot, watch it here.

Look for more State of Uncertainty spots on the way. And Hollywood and Hong Kong (by Stephen Chow!) remakes of 3 Idiots as well!

interTrend in the Los Angeles Times

Nice interTrend coverage in today’s Los Angeles Times. Read all about it here.

Tenugui project preview 2

interTrender Kingley Choi had way too much fun photographing the uncut Tenugui samples in Downtown Long Beach last week. Above: Lobster attacks the convention center. Below: Loch Ness Monster sighting on the coast.

Detail of patterns by Qingniang Tang and jeffstaple.

More details, clockwise from top left: Allister Lee, Qingniang Tang, jeffstaple, Stella Lai, Monkmus, Miran Kim.

Clockwise from left: Qingniang Tang, jeffstaple, Stella Lai, Sophia Chang, Prodip Leung, Monkmus.

We’ll let you know when the finished pieces are finished and floated out there. Thanks again to all of the artists–including Susie Ghahremani and Deth P. Sun, whose pieces were camera shy. And Kingsley for the amazing photos!

Wittmann watches


Last week, I described our ongoing relationship with Wittmann Elementary School in Cerritos. Most recently, representatives from each of interTrend’s departments gave talks and consultation regarding the researching, making, and marketing of a product. In addition to providing real-world applications to various school subjects and raising a little money, the project also promoted good citizenship and conflict resolution.

This week, we received the fruits of the Wittmann students’ hard labor. Be on the lookout for Wittmann PeaceBuilders timepieces this summer and in the fall. Better yet, purchase one and support the cause and the kids if you are lucky enough to come across an opportunity!


Julia Huang is the founder and president of interTrend, an award-winning advertising agency that specializes in connecting Fortune 500 clients with Asians around the world.