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Julia Huang defends Asian Americans vs. Pew Research on The Huffington Post


Since interTrend’s Julia Huang criticized the recent Pew report on social media’s exclusion of Asian Americans, the Washington DC think tank has responded by stating that it’s just too much work to include such a small group in their research. Julia’s response was posted on The Huffington Post this afternoon:  “Pew’s response has only highlighted the glaring problem that for 20 years Asians have been regularly excluded from all of their research studies, not just this latest one on digital aptitude.”

For her full argument, check out the link at Huff Post.

Julia Huang explains why the new Pew report blew it by excluding Asian Americans


An editorial by interTrend’s own Julia Huang can be read on the Fox News site today. In the piece, she picks apart this month’s Pew report, “The State of Social Media Users,” which compares segments of the American population’s usage of social media yet neglects Asian Americans. “Why would Pew publish a comparison of social media users that doesn’t track Asian-Americans?” she asks. “Perhaps it might be that Asians’ social media habits score so high against other races that it might not be an interesting or alarming comparison.”

Read Julia’s full take HERE and then share with like-minded friends, family, and colleagues.