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Twentienth Anniversary Tenugui (1 of 2)

The pieces have come together for interTrend’s twentieth anniversary tenugui project. The patterns and images were provided by some of our favorite artists and designers, and I took photos when I was able to hand-deliver samples and sets to them. Above: Miran Kim, Monkmus, Sophia Chang. Below: Qingnian Tang, Stella Lai.

The final picture shows how they’re being packaged. Perhaps I’ll show the interior of the wrapping paper in a future post, after I receive photos from the other five contributors (Allister Lee, Deth P. Sun, jeffstaple, Prodip Leung, Susie Ghahremani). In the meantime, look for the pieces to leak out to friends, family, clients, and crew…

Tenugui project preview 2

interTrender Kingley Choi had way too much fun photographing the uncut Tenugui samples in Downtown Long Beach last week. Above: Lobster attacks the convention center. Below: Loch Ness Monster sighting on the coast.

Detail of patterns by Qingniang Tang and jeffstaple.

More details, clockwise from top left: Allister Lee, Qingniang Tang, jeffstaple, Stella Lai, Monkmus, Miran Kim.

Clockwise from left: Qingniang Tang, jeffstaple, Stella Lai, Sophia Chang, Prodip Leung, Monkmus.

We’ll let you know when the finished pieces are finished and floated out there. Thanks again to all of the artists–including Susie Ghahremani and Deth P. Sun, whose pieces were camera shy. And Kingsley for the amazing photos!