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Take Your Shot


Take Your Shot, interTrend’s latest online collaboration with AT&T, is off and running and involves three aspiring filmmakers who are being mentored by some of the best in the biz: Wong Fu Productions, Jon M. Chu, and Freddie Wong. The office was shown some of the behind-the-scenes interviews and interaction on Tuesday, and this should be a fun process to follow.

Fans of Wong Fu, Chu, and Wong can not only keep up with the progress of the new shorts online at but also have a hand in important details, such as which set should receive free boba during the shooting. We hope friends of interTrend will enjoy, interact, and share!

To Be Continuing: Lee Min-ho, Wong Fu Productions

The success of interTrend’s K-drama-inspired The One & Only web series for Toyota has not only spawned an equally beloved epilogue but also some Pandora playlists selected by the main characters played by Lee Min-ho. Does the good guy, Joon, listen to Girls Generation or PSY? Does the evil twin, Kwon, prefer Slayer? Find out tomorrow (Wednesday, November 28) when the songs are posted on the site.

interTrend is also following up on its smash collaborative effort with Wong Fu Productions, Away We Happened, with a second interactive drama series. This one is called When It Counts and invites the audience to help the protagonist make choices, assist Wong Fu in production decisions, and affect the fate of a dance crew. The second episode posts on Friday, November 30, so this is a perfect time to catch up.

Away We Happened: 8 million viewers and counting

“Away We Happened,” interTrend’s six-week collaboration with AT&T, Wong Fu Productions, and thousands of online contributors, wrapped up last week and has racked up more than 8 million viewers. Check out today’s coverage at, which reports the already dated figure of 6 million viewers but shares details regarding the strategy, logistics, and work that went into the project. Better yet, watch the preview (and then the web series starring Victor Kim and Jen Frmheadtotoe in its entirety) on YouTube. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you might even want to revisit your cell phone plan.