Market Research Analyst

Job Title: Market Research Analyst
Opening Date: 7/10/2017
Application Due Date: 7/31/2017
Location: Long Beach, CA
Salary: DOE

interTrend Communications is a leading multicultural advertising and marketing communications agency that targets the Asian American community. We help brands make meaningful connections, build relationships and win over new fans, which result in tangible business results and positive ROI.

Desired Skills and Experiences:

Bachelor’s in Communication or closely related + minimum 1 year in job offered or Media Planner.

Job Duties:

• Performs client-specific market research and analysis for major international brands, specializing in consumer behavior of U.S. and overseas Asian communities.
• Assembles national or international data on demographic and geographic characteristics of current and historic demand by product type and specific product, including those produced by competitors of client.
• Examines demand trends to identify potential for future growth. Seeks to determine demand growth opportunities in specific demographic segments and specific client products or product categories.
• Produces reports about characteristics of target demographics, including preferred price points, salient demand characteristics, and advertising media most likely to have positive impact on purchasing behavior over time, based in part on results of previous campaigns. Taking into account client’s preferred brand identity, develops overall reports, consistent with desired image and preferences, with useful data to assist in planning nationwide campaigns.
• Develops and administers customer surveys to further identify consumer reaction to client’s products and marketing.
• Tabulates results and incorporates them into analytical reports.

Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/V/D/AA

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